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Why Choose Us?

We understand that booking and planning your wedding can sometimes be a little overwhelming, with lots of questions swimming around... Who to book? what can they offer me? what do i expect? what do they expect of me... the list goes on! 

we have created a little fact file to help ease your decision making and taking some weight off your mind!

  • We are an established business with experience of over 1000 weddings. 


  • We offer fully trained and insured staff who are all trained to the same standard and use the same wedding kits.


  • We are a real company with multiple shop fronts not an independent person working from home, meaning you can put a face to the name.


  • We use new, fresh products which we are able to guarantee are within the expiry date, our large customer portfolio means we hold A LOT of stock and that it is fresh and new. 


  • We can offer variety and can cater to all age groups, party sizes, genders & preferences and hold makeup suitable for vegans. 


  • We are able to offer affordable pricing.


  • Our dedicated admin team respond quickly to messages.


  • Our products are tried and tested and approved before use. They are mainly premium brands and from a large number of companies. 


  • Our large team means we can accommodate large group sizes in a short amount of time, avoiding the early morning starts!