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terms & Conditions

Thank you so much for choosing to book your wedding or special event services with us. we cant wait to get you ready for the special day!

please have a read through our terms and conditions before confirming your booking with us,

1. General


it is the sole responsibility of the lead person on the booking to read through our booking  conditions and ensure they fully understand and accept responsibility for these terms and conditions. we would politely ask that all correspondence be made via the lead person on the booking to avoid confusion and any administrative errors - this includes general enquries or amendments.  we also ask to use the same method of communication - ie email/facebook so that our conversation is held all in one place.

once you have chosen to proceed we require a £10 per hair/ Makeup per person deposit. upon paying this deposit you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


(ii) obligations

it is the responsibility of the client to inform us of any skin conditions or concerns prior to application of any product - we ask for this to be done verbally directly to the person applying any products to avoid any miscommunication or error. we cannot be held responsibility for any allergic reactions or sensitivities endured and we would also ask for you to inform us of any reactions that may occur after product application too.

2. Deposit

we ask for the deposit to be paid by bank transfer to

Georgina Chambers

sort code 090129

account number 43219001

reference - name

the deposit is non refundable and non transferable as this secures your date and prevents any other parties from booking that slot.

the booking is not 100% secure until your deposit has been paid and you have notified us of payment.

your price is protected once you have paid your deposit against any possible price increases. The price given is based on a per party size guide, please see our pricing on the main wedding page.

should the size of your party change, the prices will change accordingly.

the remaining balance is due in cash on the day or by bank transfer 30 days before.

3. trials

Your bridal makeup trial is the perfect opportunity to explore your desired look for your wedding day.
When you come in for your trial we aim to give you a comprehensive experience understanding both you and your wedding and trying and testing to see what will suit you best.

We advise to book your trial in to take place six weeks before your wedding day, but if you wanted to have a pre-trial with one of the girls so you can see the salon/products, and get a rough idea about what you may/may not like, then can you do that too before committing to the date, it just may not be the same person who does it on the day if you do it out of the six week window.

When you first come in try and wear a white top, or a light colour so we can see how the makeup looks with a similar colour to your wedding dress. If you are having hair done elsewhere try and book your hair trial on the same day (before makeup if possible) so we can see how the styles go together and to give you an idea of the finished product and how you will look on your wedding day.
We always start with skincare, we discuss what you’re currently doing and what you can do to optimise your skincare routine before your big day.

We will then deeply cleanse your skin, exfoliate when necessary, apply serum & or moisturiser.
Whilst that is soaking in we normally would have a chat about what you like to wear with your makeup, what you feel comfortable in and things you know you do not want. We believe that most people know their own face and after years of makeup application and looking in the mirror you do learn what suits you and what doesn’t, so we try to combine your own thoughts with our recommendations rather than forcing you to have things you may not like. Before you come have a look through some photos and find some examples of things you may like but remember lots of photos on Pinterest & Instagram are highly edited but they are great for general ideas and colour schemes.
If you also have photos of bridesmaids dresses, flowers etc please do bring these along. They are great for getting a general idea of your wedding style & if your bridesmaids are having makeup too but not necessarily a trial we could chose colours for them and then opt for something different but complimentary for the bride.

We will then do your makeup in stages whilst you watch in the mirror, starting at very natural and missing out a number of products. At stage one we will confirm with you whether this is too little/ enough/ too much and then start to make tweaks.

We can continue building coverage, colour or darkening eyes until you feel comfortable.

Once we all feel that the general look is along the right lines we will then start to make some adjustments and tweaks, you may like them but you may not like them & this is completely normal. We do this to ensure we aren’t missing anything you may love and to also confirm things you definitely do not like. We find so often on the wedding day brides ask for that little bit more, so if we take it that step further on the trial and find you do not like it we don’t make any terrible mistakes on your wedding day. Often finding out you don’t like something can be more valuable than finding out that you love something!
By adding step by step can often mean the finished look isn’t as “polished” as it would be if we were to go straight from the beginning into your look. But from experience we find doing this step by step technique suits most people & gives both makeup lovers and makeup newbies an idea of what suits them. It also means you know exactly what you like and what you don’t like rather than looking in the mirror when you get home and thinking something doesn’t look right but you can’t work out what it is. This also saves so many brides the added cost of coming for a second trial to try out another idea, but you are welcome to come in for as many as you like.
Fundamentally though your makeup on your wedding day should always be even better than the trial and you should always let your makeup artist know if you have any problems or if there’s anything you don’t like, after all that is the whole purpose of a trial! If it goes shiny, patchy, changes colour or doesn’t last you must feel comfortable to tell your makeup artist - whether it’s us or somebody else. Remember to ask what lipstick they have used if you like it too, or one that they recommend so that you can buy it to top up on the day.
Your wedding day is such an important day and the photographs last a lifetime so make the most of your trial to get it perfect.

Trial Price for Makeup is £45, for Hair and makeup is £80.

Additional trials are £35 for makeup & £60 for hair and makeup

Additional Members of the party are £35 for makeup and £65 for hair and makeup

Booking in your trial without paying a deposit does not secure your wedding day, nor does it secure that specific artist, Whilst we understand you may wish to have a trial before committing to the day itself we cannot guarantee the same artist at both unless you have your trial at the recommended time of 6 weeks before your wedding day and you have paid a deposit to secure the date.

we are unable to accommodate any trials on Saturdays. we do this to ensure that you get the best possible service at your trial with minimal interruptions and distractions. we also do this to ensure that our weddings on the Saturdays are given our full undivided attention and top quality service. 

makeup is extremely subjective and personal so please do familiarise yourself with our style of makeup before booking. we have extensive portfolios on both facebook and instagram.

trials are not compulsory but are recommended. we unfortunately are unable to accept responsibility if you choose to proceed without a trial and your desired look is unachievable or doesn't suit. & will also be unable to offer a refund. 

4. makeup artists

as part of our core values we want the best available makeup artist for your style and needs to be present at your wedding. we have a team of specially selected wedding makeup artists trained to the highest standard and using the same makeup kits owned by the company 'georgina chambers wedding makeup ltd.'. we endevour for you to have the same makeup artist at your trial as on your wedding day if the trials take place at the recommended time and the deposit is paid upon booking. however we reserve the right to change or upgrade this if we feel another makeup artist is better suited - any  upgrades under these circumstances will not incur extra fees.



5. cancelling or changing your booking


in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your wedding booking within 6 months of the wedding date we reserve the right to charge you up to 50% of the invoiced amount.

if  you cancel your booking 6 months or more before your wedding date, you will not be charged but your deposit is non-refundable.

if you change your wedding date, you will be charged  a £50 administration fee for doing so. this will be payable at the time of changing the initial date. this £50 will be based on a like for like booking. if you are changing from an off-peak date, to a peak date, a new quote will be reissued completely.

if you wish to change your wedding date,but we are unable to complete the new date, the deposit you have paid will be non-refundable, however, there will be no other outstanding fee.

if you cancel individual services on your booking but not the entire booking between 1-  6 months before the wedding date then the deposit would be held for each service cancelled (£10 per service)


the price however will be subject to change according to the new size of the party


if there are any cancellations after one month when the full balance has been paid there will be no refund.

we would politely ask that all correspondence be made via the lead person on the booking to avoid confusion and any administrative errors - this includes general enquiries or amendments.  we also ask to use the same method of correspondence.

6. travel & timing

an allocated time slot will be arranged for all offsite weddings. you should receive an email upon booking from the salon which will confirm the date of your booking and the service you have booked. You will see in the service it is marked as offsite so please ignore the salon address as location.

the allocated slot may say a time earlier than the time agreed this is to allow us time to travel from the salon. the time given is an estimated time and may vary by 30 mins in either direction.

we will always try our very best to be on time however  If we experience unforeseen delays which are out of our control, such as unexpected traffic congestion or severe weather disruption  compensation will not be offered if we exceed our allocated time and refunds will not be given in the event that one or more services are forfeited as a result. however if we are unable to complete services that have not been paid for then you will not be charged.

you may be given a slot timing for your wedding whereby we will have an allocated start and finish time - it is the lead bookers responsibility to ensure that everyone is available at the allocated time. we are unable to offer refund or compensation and will not be held responsible for delays caused by other suppliers, guests, or members of the bridal party.